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Granada – Nicaragua’s Colonial Gem

The city of Granada, founded in 1524 and renowned for it’s colonial architecture and colourful streets, should be on the top of your “to-do” list when traveling through Nicaragua. Wandering through the romantic streets of the city, it’s not hard to see why it’s nicknamed “The Paris of Central America”.  Colourful buildings, colonial facades and beautiful courtyard gardens dotted with…

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A Night in Savannah

I was excited for our little road trip from St Augustine, up through Savannah and into South Carolina last month. I’d always wanted to explore “The Deep South” – especially for the food (duh). But never did I expect the magic that possesses this dreamy little city. We only spent one night in this gorgeous place, and it definitely wasn’t…

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tea plantations sri lanka

Lipton’s Seat – Sri Lanka

A ride up to Lipton’s Seat Sri Lankan tea plantations from Ella to Lipton’s Seat is an absolute must! I have to admit we nearly bypassed this activity as the info we found online was pretty rubbish and made it seem not worth the hassle – but take my advice – it absolutely is. You must leave early in the…

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scenic train sri lanka

Take the Scenic Train – Sri Lanka

  The infamous slow train ride through Sri Lanka’s epic countryside is an absolute must. I hopped on the train from Ella, and for the next 7 hours to Hatton, was taken on an insightful and almost magical journey through tea fields, mountainsides and local villages. I kept all my senses alert and made some incredible encounters along the way.…

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Discover Thailand

Thailand – what an incredible and inspiring country; a place where food, religion, culture and nature all blend together to form a kaleidoscope of adventure and discovery! If reading’s not your thing – follow this link to get some visual inspiration, otherwise, here is a little list based on my journey through this amazing part of the world – things…

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Learn to Cook Sri Lankan Food

After a week of indulging in Sri Lankan deliciousness, it was high time I got myself back into the kitchen to see first hand how they do it. There are many places you will find along the way that offer cooking lessons – hell go for it – take a couple! However, I really must recommend taking a class with…

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Thailand Through the Lens

Sometimes a picture really does paint a thousand words. There is so much ornate detail and richness that consumes the senses when exploring this stunning country, it’s hard to put it all down into writing. If you’re not much of a reader, check out this collection of my favourite snaps from my trip to Thailand in 2015

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authentic thai

Learn to Cook Authentic Thai

Want to know the secrets? Well I’m not gonna just give away the deliciously devilish secrets of the Thai cuisine! But I can pass on some info for you to experience it for yourself firsthand. And trust me, your taste for Thai will never be the same again! If you plan on a trip to Thailand, please, do yourself a…

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A Day At The Guggenheim

I had a day to kill in Bilbao, Spain before my long journey to Nicaragua so I spent the afternoon at the Guggenheim Museum soaking up some art, culture and cuisine. A modern and contemporary art museum, the Guggenheim draws you into its creative flow before you’ve even stepped inside. The architecture of the building itself is incredible; designed by…

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borough market

Exploring Borough Market, London

I was recently in London visiting my father. It was the hottest week of the summer reaching a “staggering” 34 degrees – which for me is certainly a more favourable temperature and I must say I was rather grateful. Usually my visits are during October after finishing the season working on yachts…not excactly my favourite time of year for the…

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